Centre Amenities

It is our pleasure to offer you a range of services and conveniences during your visit.


Our first-rate security team is onsite 24 hours a day, providing: Exterior Mobile Patrol, Customer Vehicle Assistance, Crime Prevention and Intervention, and Emergency Medical Assistance. Contact Security through our Guest Services kiosk, directly at 905-879-2111 or by email at security@vaughanmills.com.

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For the convenience of our customers, we are pleased to offer lockers at six entrances, for a nominal, per-use fee. These lockers are ideal for customers and tourists who wish to store their small to medium baggage while they enjoy their stay at Vaughan Mills. Lockers are not available at entry 4A.


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There are six ATMs in the centre – one in each of the Neighbourhoods:
• Near Home Outfitters (Neighbourhood 1)
• Near Urban Behavior (Neighbourhood 2)
• Near Winners and HomeSense (Neighbourhood 3)
• Near H&M (Neighbourhood 5)
• Near XXI (Neighbourhood 6)

*ATM located at entry 4 will be temporarily unavailable until further notice, due to renovations in this area.

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Pay telephones are located at all six major entrances and within each of the Neighbourhoods.

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Wifi available in the following area's of the mall:

Digital Lounge (Sport Neighbourhood 4A)

Event Court (Sport Neighbourhood 4A)

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Family Conveniences

You know there are plenty of ways to spend your time, but nothing more important than as a family.

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Our three universal washrooms for little ones and their parents are private and comfortable. You’ll find emergency diaper change kits, changing tables and a serene nursing area. Located on the west side of the Roadside Picnic Foodcourt, south end of the Roadside picnic food court across from La Senza, and east end of the shopping centre.Universal washrooms located on the east side of the shopping centre are accessible from both north (Toys "R" Us) and south (Legoland).

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Stroller Rentals

Single blue police car smarte carte strollers are available at entries 2, 4, 5, and 6 for a $6 fee, with a $0.50 return. Double red fire truck smarte carte strollers are offered at entry 1 and 3 for a $8 fee, with a $0.50 return. Stroller rentals are not available at entry 4A.


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Family Parking

46 prime parking spots have been exclusively reserved with our family guests in mind. These parking spots have been designed to comfortably accommodate both male and female customers with child(ren) or when mom is expecting

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When stuff happens, we've got you covered! Each of our nine washrooms has Emergency Diaper Change Kits available for just $1.

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