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Sales Associate

Part Time

A competency is knowledge, skills, or attributes that enables the successful performance of a responsibility or a task. In this job description, we have identified few competencies that are important to our business growth.


1) Build a Relationship (5%)
Show sincere interest in others and their concerns; treat associate and customers with respect, listen to the input of your colleagues and customers. Be friendly, positive, and optimistic when you meet someone for the first time. Use positive body language and common courtesy to others; always greet customers and associates with a smile and enthusiasm.

2) Customer Service Skills (20%)
Ensure that each customer receives outstanding service by approaching them within 10 seconds and providing a friendly environment, demonstrating teamwork and professionalism. Speak to each customer with an enthusiastic tone of voice and positive body language. Make each customer a priority, drop tall and any tasks to attend to a customer. Communicate all the promotions and product knowledge to the customers.

3) Manage disagreements (5%)
Treat others with respect; show willpower to fight the gravitational pull toward disrespect and negative emotional reactions towards customers and associates Listen to the others point of view, with a non-judgmental manner and without interruptions; be willing to take in dealing with tough conflicts. Ability to resolve conflicts on its own and communicate the resolution back to the management.


1) Drive for Results (15%)
Be aware of all company and your own goals at all times. Measure your achievements towards your expectations. Actively engaged customers in conversation and actively assist in the understanding, demonstration, description, and selection of merchandise. Engage in a healthy competition with your coworkers. Know your next steps to improve your results.

2) Selling Skills (20%)
Ability to build and display assertive selling skills by showing enthusiasm and confidence about the product. Identify the customer's needs and lead them to the product. Explain the features and benefits of the product that links back to their needs. Ability to overcome the objections and put customers at ease about the purchase. Clearly, communicate the warranties to the customer. Ability to ask for SALE without hesitation. Display patience, adaptability, persuasiveness, stress tolerance when closing the sales.

3) Work commitment (10%)
Show up for work 5-10 minutes before your shift. Respect the company property and business ethics; do not use company property for your own purposes; Internet, texting, phone. Be initiative and complete the daily tasks on your OWN. Care about the well being of the company and associates that work here; be aware of your surroundings; maintain the store appearance. Initiate and participate in the changes and the display of the product.


1) Product knowledge (5%)
Know the trends; actively seek information about the new product, its features, and benefits. Ability to introduce new products with a conviction. Demonstrate the understanding of the frame and lens choice that best suited for the customer. Be aware of new lenses and its specifications and how they relate to the customers' needs.

2) Optical knowledge (10%)
Demonstrate the ability to interpret the customer's prescription and recommend the product based the needs and RX specification. Handles tasks such as taking measurements, adjusting or fitting eyewear carefully and correctly.
Ability to demonstrate the different product available to best suit the budget and lifestyle needs of the customer. Ability to analyze and determine the root cause of issues with customer RX and lens non-adaptability

3) Know the business (5%)
Read all material provided by the company to understand the strategies and philosophy of the company. Ensure that you are aware of any changes in the company. Know and understand what the competition is doing. Embrace the changes in the business world; accept the new initiative that company launches to improve the overall profitability. Make a sound judgment decision about customers and associates.

4) Demonstrates commitment (5%)
Shows consistency among principles, values, and behavior; builds trust with others through own authenticity and follow through on commitments; complies with and follows established rules, policies and procedures. Demonstrates commitment when dealing with customers and associates; maintains confidential Information; consistently supports Occhiali Eyewear /All About Eyes Optical, through both words and actions; puts personal feelings aside when conducting business or working on tasks.

- 6-12 months of Retail Sales Experience
- Strong drive to learn and adopt new innovation in an optical field
- Fashion sense
- Proven ability to achieve sales goals
- Ability to work in a diverse environment
- Ability to multi-task and work in a busy environment
- Have knowledge of computers and ability to learn optical software in a reasonable time
- Proven interpersonal and communication skills
- Ability to solve problems on its own
- Strong math skills
- Flexible and adaptable to all organizational changes

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