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Sweetie B Petwear takes designer dog clothing, accessories and luxe fashion to a whole new level. Our luxury dog boutique presents our own exclusively designed Sweetie B branded products, featuring stunning pet accessories for dogs of all ages, breeds, sizes and colours. Our glamorous, everyday dog necessities include Winter Coats, Raincoats, Moto Harness Jackets, Embossed Denim Jackets, Hoodies, Booties, Collars and Leashes that are not only comfortable, safe, exceptional quality and functional, but also make an eye catching fashion statement!

All our dazzling, upscale dog accessories range in size from XXS-XXL and are meticulously designed to showcase every dog’s unique beauty. Sweetie B Petwear products are always eye-catching and captivating — whether you're seeing them for the 1st time or the 100th ... just like your beloved dog.  

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Some store hours may vary. For details regarding specific store hours and closures please contact the retailer directly